Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Getting Out of the Rut

I have a problem every single January.
I don't really know what it is but I get in to a terrible rut.
I cannot paint to save my life....and seriously, as a working artist, this. is. a. big. problem.

I get all kinds of advice to inspire me....
"just listen to music"
"exercise more"
"pick up a new craft"
"go to museums"

I've heard them all.

So, this year I decided to try something new.

I decided to just start slapping paint on canvas.
and watching YouTube videos.
Now, slapping paint on a canvas just to see what sticks can be tricky.  It can be really, really, really frustrating.
Especially when it doesn't work out and you have to paint over it 15 times.
So,,,I decided to try some new techniques.
How did I learn them? 
YouTube videos.
Y'all, it is that simple.
I've kinda been obsessing with trying out alcohol inks.  Most of my paper work has been with acrylic inks and the technique (and look) is quite different.
And there's a learning curve.  i.e. different types of surfaces.

If you are desiring to play with alcohol inks I suggest ordering a kit from amazon.

***this link is what I purchased***

Also, it is helpful to know that you must paint on a non-porous surface. This is contradictory to what I am used. But, alcohol ink does not want to "soak" in to a surface. Thats what gives it this cool movement.

I did use these Ampersand boards (link below) for coasters that I'm working on.  They have a gesso'ed canvas finish so you don't get the "bubble" look but I really love the way these turned out!

I also primed a canvas with Kilz2 Latex and got this look

My obsession with water and paint continues and the amazement of what will become of a work of art by simply creating out of your head is just astonishing to me.

Continuing with something I know a little about!
These acrylic inks will be framed up soon!

So....a weeks worth of just playing has gotten me back on track!

Just relax and don't push it...and try new things!

(I thought for sure it would be emerald green)

48 x 48
Price upon request

"Indigo Nights I"
Price upon request

"Indigo Nights II"
Price upon request

Gosh it feels great to be back!

Have a great day!

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