Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Round Top!!!! Be There!!!!

I am just THRILLED to announce that I and two of my amazing artist friends will be showing our art at 

Round Top

What is Round Top for those of you who don't know?

Well, it's the greatest show on earth.
No really.  It is.

Round Top happens twice a year.
Situated between Houston and Austin,Texas

So, about 6 months ago, my studio partner Lisa Moore, another artist Clara Blalock and myself decided to head on out to Texas and set up an art studio.

In one of the tents out there.

Y'all....this will be HUGE.

There are thousands and thousands, and thousands of folks who come to Round Top.

We will be heading out there from September 18 - October 3.

It will be a really fun, amazing adventure!!!

so, just to give you an idea of Lisa's work....

and then there's Clara Blalock...

and then there's lil ole me...

Stay tuned for more information!!!!

We hope you will plan to attend!!!

Have a terrific day friends!!!


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  1. We were just in Sonoma last weekend- if you get a chance, go by the Glen Ellen Market, grab a lunch, then head to the Benziger Winery- gorgeous!