Friday, August 28, 2015

What Up?

So...I am back from a wonderful vacation in Napa.

We did it all. Like ALL the wineries.
ALL of them
and ALL the restaurants.

As a matter of fact, I was really, REALLY happy that my trainer did not ask me to get on the scale on Tuesday.

So, back to work.

Round Top starts in exactly 18 days from today....


Lets just all say a collective prayer that I will be ready.

We will be taking a box truck FULL of art to this like OMG event in the middle of Texas.

for more information on Round Top, go here:

So last week "W" and I had the pleasure of visiting our favorite place EVER

(as in California, not the auto parts store)

First up is my very favorite new wine
(don't be surprise if you see a double heart "Chunk" necklace like this soon ;)
Cliff Lede Vineyards (a must go to event)
Cliff Lede is a rock n roller at heart, so his winery is packed with really cool stuff
Be sure and visit the "Backstage" but get an appt. first. SO fun.
Oh, and ask for Todd.  He will tell you some really hilarious stuff.
I mean like "oversharing" fun stuff.....just sayin
One of the wines "Poetry" got a 98 pt. rating.  And yes, we shipped home a few of those bottles.

more Cliff Lede wine

We stayed in downtown Napa at the hotel Andaz
y'all. I simply LOVE that hotel.  period.

Sculpures were all around Napa and so much new growth is in the little town.
Still lots of construction going on due to the earthquake, but I loved seeing what they are doing there. Just beautiful!

This is one of the few olive trees in Napa.
We did a bruch and tour of Round Pond.  Loved it.

And the wine maker was probably my favorite of the whole week
Wonderful personality and I loved his passion for his art!

We were with this super fun group!

 A view off the seating area of Round Pond

We also toured the sustainable

I may have stolen a few of these.....

and this guy and I had a great time talkin

on to Turnbull.  yum.

And Duckhorn

You absolutely cannot go to Napa without visiting Oakville Grocery.  The oldest grocery store in California.
(it's pretty neat too)

and then to one of our favorites.  A little known winery called "Godspeed"
just love.
(and you can't get it anywhere but there)

he has the best view in Napa Valley

I don't know where this was.

Okay, here is Caymus

ya know, there's just something about that red wax topper.
Reminds me of the soles of my favorite shoes ;)

and finally Cakebread!!

This has been a super busy week for me!! Came home, painted and went to a super fun event!

I have become really involved with CURE Childhood Cancer.

I want to dedicate an entire blog about this, how I got involved and all about the charity.  It is a super, super organization that I'm SO incredibly honored to be a part of.

A CURE event "W" and I went to last night was super fun!
Onward Reserve a really, really cool shoppe here in Atlanta had a terrific event last night!

go here for info on Onward Reserve

LOVE thier clothes!

And one of the HUGE supporters of CURE was there.

that would be Hall of Famer - Tom Glavine

and my new beautiful friend TV personality Jill Becker

I let "W" get in the pic. hehe!!  

More about CURE to come!!!

have a terrific day y'all!


  1. We just did Sonoma about 2 weeks ago. The Bezinger Winery had a great tour!

  2. This looks like so much fun - did it years ago, but think we need to go back. Loving your necklace in the last image!! Happy weekend!