Saturday, August 8, 2015

Today is My Birthday! Please donate to CURE Childhood Cancer!

56 years ago today, I came busting in to this world.
All 6 1/2 lbs of me.

My mom delivered through hypnosis.
Really?  What WAS she thinking?
She was pretty dang tough.

I'm asking for a favor.
A self serving favor from you my readers.

I am involved in a wonderful, wonderful organization here in Atlanta called
CURE Childhood Cancer.
The event is Quiet Heros.

Quiet Herous was founded 11 years ago by a wonderful woman and friend Chris Glavin.
Chris happens to be the better half of baseball great Tom Glavin

Now.  Those who have been lucky (like me) to have not been touched by childhood cancer cannot possibly realize the impact that this horrible disease affects not only the child, but the whole family.
Especially the siblings of the child.
Y'all.  It is simply horrible what these families go through and I am serious.

I just recently got involved and I did so because I felt I was not "giving" back like I should in my life.  
I was simply living a selfish life.

I needed to give.

So.  I decided to get involved with the auction committee for Quiet Heros.

Quiet Heros is a luncheon which will be held September 19th at the Intercontenental here in Atlanta.

The event honors 250 moms of children with Childhood Cancer.
It is their time to get away from the hospital, be pampered with gifts and get to socialize with moms who are going through the same types of things.

It is truly a special day 
I cannot wait to go.

Yesterday I came up with an idea.

I am an administrator of a FB group that has over 10,000 members.  I also have around 2,200 FB friends.
I set up a GO FUND ME acct.

What is this for you ask?
This is a fund to help 

It is a way for my friends, family, and members of my group to donate to this wonderful event.

I will do one of two things depending on how much money we raise.
I will either purchas a major item that will be auctioned off
I will split the money up between the moms and get them each a gift.

Either way, it will be a win/win situation.

I am trying to raise 5,000.00

Please, please, please, go to my Go Fund Me acct and support this cause!!!

and remember, NO money is too small!!!!

Thank you so very much for your generosity!

blessings to all of you!

****please click the link below to support!

****If you would like to donate a new item to the silent auction, please contact me at

Gift cards are expecially needed!!!
Thank you so very much!!!

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