Monday, October 19, 2015

Ahhhh! A Relaxing Vacation to St. Thomas! A Photo Album...

About two weeks ago after I returned home from Round Top "W" surprised me with a much needed vacation to St. Thomas!

We typically go to the same vacation place.  Year, after year, after year.

So this was a real treat venturing outside of our "comfort" zone!

We arrived on Friday, and this is the first thing I saw from our hotel room.

a pic of a pic...just for my reference ;)

I've become friends with the ducks around the pool.

and we've relaxed a lot...

I've also become friends with these lil guys....

loving the colour of their faces!

we were not invited on this 8 a.m. kayaking group ride.
thank. goodness.

the scenery here in St. Thomas is really unbelievable.
So forgive me for "over posting" my photos!

so yesterday we hopped on the ferry for a day trip over to St. John!

again for my reference.  These two boats are getting painted when I get home...

St. John reminded both of us of the Italian coastline

we rented a jeep to drive around the island....

um. okay.  "W" just failed to remember that I have a fear of really steep curvy roads.

We saw this house WAY up on top of a VERY steep mountain and I exclaimed "wonder how they get up to that house?"

No picture was taken because my knuckles were white from holding on.....

10 minutes later we were at that house.

Omg. really.  I have never in my life been so nervous.

Soon we were going down hill on very slick, wet, roads...

with goats.

I was finally able to relax a little and get some shots.

We were really way up there.  It's hard to tell because I had my zoom lens.

then we decided to trek over to the other side of the island for what was said to be the best burger on the island....

(insert my green face in that hole)

and then back on the ferry!

The homes on the islands around here aint too shabby...

On to a sunset sail!

We made new friends!
This adorable couple on their honeymoon!

a beautiful sunset was slightly clouded by the clouds.

that's "W" and me in the raw, looking pretty rough...
(it's okay, I'm on vacation)

and then this morning!!!

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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