Tuesday, October 6, 2015


just wow.
We are home from Round Top!
My goodness!

(no. thank goodness)

I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean after 19 days, we were all just really ready to get home.

and boy did we have fun.  I mean I seriously don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.
It was a lot like going back to college.  Just working a lot harder.
we left Atlanta Sept. 16th.
when we got back yesterday at 2:30 p.m. no one was allowed to take a pic of us...
so, let's recap our trip just so I won't forget.
What we thought was going to be a 13 hour (easy driving) trip out there half way across the country ended up taking 16 hours....
and 15 - 20 potty breaks.
We went over really, really long bridges and lots of really scary construction zones before we arrived really really late at our first destination!

that had tons of these amazing creatures!!!

I went a little gaga..

This was a ranch that a friend of Lisa's owned in Hempstead, Texas.
Beautiful place!
and a wonderful, peaceful start for an adventure of which we had no clue.....
We actually got there about 3 days too early and learned a lot about what we are going to do next time.
(yes, we are going back in the spring)

First.....we found a company that does professional walls.
Good, gosh, that made my day.
Because, let me tell ya, it was NOT fun painting walls in about 115 heat index.
poor Clara will never be the same.
and we didn't know it at the time but the guys around us were just sitting there laughing at the three of us getting "inducted" in to Round Top.
We were so green.
this was one of our neighbors who does industrial furniture...
look, I'm just saying, the view was not too bad.
Kurt Russell is what we called him

So, no.  Next year we will NOT be painting walls.

So, after two days in Hempstead, we made our way to Round Top to stay in a Bed and Breakfast with 5 other folks that we had never met.
again, we were back in college.
What an amazing adventure!  And everyone got along so well!  No, I'm serious!  One night we all made a huge dinner for everyone and it was just so fun.
(6 of us used the same bathroom)

After the show started, let me tell you guys, we hit the floor running.  I have never in my life seen so many people. (and everyone said it was a slow show)
Wow, what is fast like?

I will thankfully be replenishing this group of prints!

what I thought would sell and what actually sold really surprised me

like the watercolor feathers flew off the wall (no pun intended)
The large churches and boats and angels as well.
I was really worried that Lisa would not have enough work, I mean talk about a rock star painter!
(and she had about 60 or so pieces)

so, about Sunday before last, we were actually getting a little delirious.
like I was seeing things and days were running together.

um.  I was really homesick and this little Min-pin doggy came up to me and knew I needed a little loving.

and then he turned around and I said "wait! I've seen that butt before"

omg. y'all.
I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life....ever.
I didn't know if it was truly that funny or if I was just SO tired.
I say funny.

So after that I was working with a girl named Kendall.
No really, I met probably 5 Kendalls!  And most were my age!

Okay, so, I'm working with one of the Kendalls.  I look up and see this absolutely gorgeous woman!
I knew she looked familiar, but wasn't quite sure.
She was looking at my watercolor feathers.
So, I said "are you on Duck Dynasty"? And she said yes,  
I politely said "I'll be with you in a second" and she said "it's okay, I need to go find my daughter.
Now y'all.
I never get nervous.  But for some reason I got nervous!
I was finishing up with the Kendall and trying really hard to work with other people at the same time.

Anyway, in comes cute little Sadie from Duck Dynasty.  And they pick out a painting (actually it was just a print) but still ;)
It will go in to Sadie's bedroom.
I was too nervous to get a pic with them, but I did get this...
as you can see I gave her 10% off for being one of my kid's favorite shows....

Then all the sudden Marcus Luttrell
(the Lone Survivor) comes around the corner.  This is the guy that the book and movie was written about.
He was a Navy Seal and was the only survivor of I think an ambush.  Not sure, but definitely watching the movie today.
A true hero.
I had no idea who he was, and let me tell ya, I definitely would have asked him for a pic if I had known.
He was really funny.

Anyway,  Saturday the show closed at 4 p.m. (in the middle of the Alabama/Georgia football game)
Can I get a big time "Roll Tide"?

Clara and I went to a bar and watched the end of the game

Then we went back to our booth and packed everything left in to the van.

We left Sunday morning and I'm pretty sure I saw this sign when we were leaving...

we ended up in Mobile, Alabama about 9 p.m.
(we were smart and broke the trip up)
then we arrived home at 2:30 p.m. yesterday...

I am not going to the studio this week.

Next adventure???
Our new company!!!

We will be unveiling UFanCards at the Homecoming game at the University of Alabama this weekend!!!
yes.  That is a collegiate gift card.
Be looking for really exciting things from our tent heading in to the stadium!
More about that tomorrow!!!

have a terrific day y'all!!!


  1. I will never look at a feather the same way again!! Best laugh in a long time!!

  2. Wow...that really was an adventure. Sounds like an amazing trip and so glad it was successful. We really need some of those feathers and angels...so beautiful! Love your new site...it's perfect!