Monday, October 12, 2015

The Kick Off!!!! U Fan Cards!!!

well, what I thought was a pretty great idea turned into an amazing event!!!

This weekend my son (a marketing genius)...yes, I know he's my son and all, but still, I can brag can't I?
and my husband, who I KNOW for a fact is a genius (just trust me on this)


the "kick off" of UFanCards

Just in case you are not understanding the concept of UFanCards here's the deal:
They are the one and ONLY collegiate licensed gift card and reloadable debit card used anywhere Master Card and Visa is accepted.  They will soon be in grocery stores, book stores, and many other places...
lets just say it could not have gone any better at the University of Alabama's homecoming.

But WAIT!!!
It's not just for U of A!
These will soon be offered to many, many universities all over the country!

(stay tuned for your school)

So, here's how it went up. (yes, up, not down)

First we had our booth with info, perfectly placed right next to the stadium.

we set up the booth around 10 a.m.
with fans for the fans

and people started lining up before we were even ready...

for an autograph session with 4 members of the 1992 National Championship team.  And to get information about the new licensed Gift Cards and reloadable debit cards.
Some people literally waited 4 hours.

Now, a little history here...
Chris Donnelly went to work for my husband right out of college.  He and his ABSOLUTELY gorgeous wife Valerie have been close friends of ours for about 25 years.
Valerie just doesn't age.  I mean look at that beautiful woman.  They babysat our kids when they were little, and have been such amazing supporters of our family.  I love that girl like a sister, and Chris is like a little brother to "W".  Just amazing folks!

Anyway, Chris was one of the famous players on that historic National Championship win in New Orleans back in 1992.  He made a few MAJOR moves on that team...

We were really missing Callen (who had to work) and I know she just hated missing this fun event :(

meeting our newest Boggs' member

"W" loves his gbabies

let me tell you how impressive this young man is.
Prince Wimbley is simply an amazing human being.

the guys cooked about 1,000 bacon wrapped water chestnuts...
(people actually were trying to eat them raw...)
no.  I'm serious.

The Family of UFanCards (missing Callen)

by about 1:00 this was happening!

by 2:00

by 3:00

sorry, just had to insert this little cutie!!!

the guys started arriving so I had to get a quick shot!
From L-R, Prince Wimbley, David Palmer, Chris Donnelly (oh, and me)
and so did "W"

People brought memorabilia from things they had saved from 1992!
and the guys LOVED looking at all of the stuff people had saved!

then comes the last of the four great players!!!
The Great Antonio Langham
what a fun and amazing guy!

I just love this!

this was one tired guy!

we all had so much fun!

and I think the players did too!

I could not love this more!

One of my favorite high school buds stopped by to see us!
the gorgeous Vicki Maddox Martin!

and then!
the Eli Gold show (the voice of the Crimson Tide) interviewed Chris live about UFanCards!

I just don't think we could have kicked off UFanCards any better!!!

Be looking for a UFanCard for your favorite University soon!

Officially sold November 7th for the University of Alabama!
Many, many more universities to follow!

Have a terrific day y'all!

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