Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Painter's Block.......ughhhhhh!

I've heard about it, but it's never really happened.
What is it????
That dreaded ...... painter's block.
I am reminded of 2 weeks ago when I sat and watched "Jim" one of my favorite painters at Scott's.  I sat there and watched him look at a canvas that he prepped.  It actually was beautiful the way he prepped it, with soft burn umber colors graduating to a soft white at the top, but he sat there for three days looking at it.  I said "hey Jim!" "in my best truck driver voice" "I coulda painted 14 paintings by the time you finish that one"  heheh!  Sweet Jim just laughed at me.
It's a real thing y'all!
I have to have 40 paintings ready for an upcoming art show in Brentwood, TN and another 20 for a back to back art show in Collierville, TN.  Whew, October is gonna be busy.  In between that, I have Scott Antiques!  Okee dokee!
I just took 2 weeks off (if any of you were wondering where I went) and spent some quality family time down in Birmingham.  Much needed for my heart and soul.  Now I need to get back on that horse and do what I (think) I know to do! Slap some paint on that canvas!
Get ready y'all!
have a wonderful day!
(oh, and how about this glorious weather????)


  1. Put on some good music and I am sure your hands will lead you to paint more masterpieces..

  2. When will you be in Brentwood? I like in Franklin and would love to come see your art. I've admired from afar for a long time!

  3. Hi A!!! I will be at The Brentwood Academy Fine Art Show November 30 - Dec. 2. Hope to see you there!!!

  4. have missed your blog! glad you're back.