Friday, September 7, 2012

Tennis and Art....

I'm going to stray away from my (try to stay positive attitude for a moment)!!!
First of all yesterday pretty much sucked.
My partner and I absolutely got our butts wiped off the court.
I mean it was a gool ole fashion arse kickin.
We managed to pull out one game, but besides that we barely even won any points!
AND we really played pretty decent.
Reminder to self...NEVER play those two girls ever again.
In my teams defense, the team we played got moved down this season from AA2 AND added a AA1 player.......I think our captain had a few choice words for their captain. (rightfully so)
SO,  then I rushed down to Scott Antiques (um South Building L-10) and I'm serious y'all only a handfull of people came yesterday!!!
Must be the new hours.
I set up my art in my tennis gear so I'm sure I looked humerous!
then, a painting stuck to another one in the car and ripped paint off of the canvas.
Jim (one of the other artist) to the rescue!
So.... he is an oil painter.
I've never painted with oils.
I used his oil paint to fix the painting.
I started and couldn't stop!  I loved it!
What happened then?
I looked down and had blue oil paint all over my new favorite orange tennis skirt.
Good Grief!
What a day!
The only good thing about yesterday?
It gave me an excuse to indulge in this
Yesterday was nothing that a little baklavia couldn't fix!
Come on over to Scotts!!!

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