Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Shout OUT!!!!"

Okay, I'm over my painter's block, ready to get up and paint up a storm today.  I may even take it outside!!!
What did it?
Well, yesterday I decided to pamper myself.
A two hour mani/pedi.
So, I HAVE to give a HUGE shout out to my new friends over at Eminence Nail and Spa.
It's right in the heart of Buckhead but you kindof have to look for it.  Just send me a little note and I'll tell you the location.  The great thing about this is that if you come to Atlanta for a girls trip, this place is HUGE and can accomodate large crowds.
Whateva you want they do fo you.
My feet are a challenge y'all.
First of all, I have tennis feet, meaning my toenails do not grow.  They get smashed into the end of my tennis shoe. Basically, they have to look for the toenail. (I'm serious) And, I have to have gel nails because my hands are always in water.
Anyway, Daisy and Holley to the rescue.  I honestly have never been so pampered in my life, complete with a hot stone massage on my arms and legs.  I was like a limp rag.
Also, what I thought was a great, great rule to have in a Vietnamese nail salon.  If they talk within themselves in a different language than English, they have to pay the owner 5.00!  Brilliant for when you feel like they are talking about you :)
and, can you do this?  my one claim to fame.  I can cross my baby toes over my forth toe without any help from my hands!!!  
Have a wonderful, beautiful day y'all!!!

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