Saturday, March 15, 2014

And Yet More Pics from the Wedding!!!

thank you my sweet Isabella who took these wonderful photographs!!!!!
Here we go!!!

my daughter's stunning Mother-in-law!

and Houston's equally stunning sister!

Jordan, The matron on honor!

 um, the loves of my life

my wonderful son and me!

Sister and Callen

proud father

and my ohso handsome daddy!

some of my favorite people in the whole wide world

I love them like family!

okay, Eric doesn't like strawberry cake.  So, we had a chocolate cupcake made for him.  It fell off the table on to the floor.  He ate it anyway......

Truly one of the most beautiful, gracious, humble woman I know.  I am SO lucky to call her one of my very best friends!

and her kids! (equally beautiful)

the ceremony!

my sweetness

and another one of my sweetness

y'all, that view was spectacular!

One day, Elizabeth will wake up and that handbag that she is sportin WILL be gone.  And yes, it will be at my house. And, she will know where it is because I tell her that all the time.

beautiful Bella

and handsome Michael

I'm sure that I will keep posting as long as folks keep sending me pictures!!!

have a wonderful day y'all!!!'

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  1. I have had more fun reading about and looking at pictures from the wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous in every way. The setting was unbelievable, and of course the bride and groom were beautiful as were all of you. Just love the next to the last image…that says it all…