Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Importance of a Great Photographer..

You know when you first start planning a wedding the main thing most people do is figure out their budget.
That's what we did anyway.
Now, when you figure out that budget you start trying to find ways to cut costs.
That's what we did anyway.

Some things are just more important than others.
Callen's photographer was a really important entity to Houston and her for their wedding day.

When choosing a photographer, just know that it will cost you at the very least 2,500.00.
And believe me I checked out a whole lotta photographers.
Many ran upwards of 10K.
That's a big chunkachange.
At least it is in my book.
It is however, so important!

Enter Callen's selection for her photographer 

Ann Wade Parrish

I actually first met Ann Wade on the day of the wedding.
As graceful as a swan she floated through the wedding without a mere glimpse of her presence.

It's kinda hard not to notice her though because she is quite beautiful.

She made everyone feel SO comfortable and therefore the photographs she produced were so natural.
She perfectly captured the special moments from the Bridesmaid's luncheon to the end of the reception.
And let me tell you.  I knew that reception was fun, but seeing the pictures afterwards is SO much fun!
It has been such a pleasure viewing these pictures through Ann Wade's lens.

Photo overload!

Hope these put a smile on your face!!!
have a great day y'all!


  1. I agree, Kendall. My daughter was just married on feb 21st and her photographer did an amazing job.

  2. They definitely put a smile on my face. Just love seeing the wonderful pictures, and it's so true - photography tells the story…

  3. I like the way you capture the whole memories of this beautiful wedding ceremony through professionalism. I have my brother's wedding coming up next month and since I'm the youngest my family has forced me to take up the most difficult job unfortunately. I'm supposed to shoot for the entire event and I suck at photography!! So today I just decided that I'll search online for to learn how to take great photos and luckily I came across your blog. Thanks for being such a life saver!