Monday, March 24, 2014

What Up?

Man, I've actually forgotten to blog for 5 days.
What Up?

I guess I've just been resting after a major 2 weeks.
Wait, has it been two weeks or three weeks?
Let me look at my calendar.

Holy smoke, it's only been 2 weeks.


After the wedding, I literally came home and painted tried to paint the largest commission that I've ever painted.
It didn't work.

Sometimes, as and artist, when you paint something, you get in a certain "zone".  You know kind of like a zone that athletes get in.
You know, you finish and go "I just did that?"
what the what?

Well, I had painted this very large painting in that zone.
The problem is, I can't copy it.
and a lot of people have wanted that painting.
In different sizes.

Well, anyway, I did not succeed at my commission.
The wonderful client decided to keep the original painting.
So this is officially of the market!

She will definitely have a one of a kind.
I mean if the original artist can't copy her own work....

I am going to pile on the blueberries (sure to get me in the zone)
to be able to paint more like these!
Did you know that blueberries will do that?
The ultimate brain food.
I'm serious.

Okay, so I got back to Atlanta, tried and didn't succeed at painting the commission and then immediately went to San Antonio for 6 days.
I took all my paints with me.
Then I purchased canvases out there.
"W" was in meetings all day and I didn't know what the weather would hold.
I was just tagging along actually.

 This hotel was awesome y'all.  The Hill Country Resort and Spa

 We took a few "selfies"

 and ate TONS of food...
The Greymoss Inn.
Open pit barbecue (like steaks)
pretty pricey but worth it for the yummy food and impeccable ambiance.

Like I said, I took my paints.
really, who could resist painting plein air on a day like this?

and this
I had this little rock as my stool.

we played wonderful golf...

we went shopping at the BEST outlet mall in the country.
I was actually just saying it was until a friend of mine said it actually is known as that.
San Marcos outlet mall
just google it.
y'all.  I wanted this dress (still at Nordstom) DVF BTW.  
Found it at the outlet for a third of the price.
Wanted everything there.

came home and wore it to an art show!.
Word of warning....this dress will attack you.
No I'm serious.  I almost had to take it off because the static was so daggum bad.
Must have static guard on hand at all times.

anyway, we came home utterly exhausted. Y'all, I'm not kiddin.
After braving a major sinus infection (evidently San Antonio and my sinus' don't mix)
I am back!
needing to go BACK on a diet.
I mean really, does that ever end.  I'm serious.
So what did my skinny hubs and I do?
notice the bonus Lays potato chips.

and notice how dang skinny my hubs is!!!

Okay, so, I came home and decided I'm going to "re-do" my studio space.

I cannot wait!! Hopefully that will be my next blog...

have a great day y'all!

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