Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Little Paddington Bear...

I loved the movie.
Thought it was just simply adorable.
So much so, that I had to buy my soon to be new little grandson a Paddington Bear.

I searched.
I searched and searched and finally took it to Ebay.

I found the perfect little bear!

It arrived yesterday just in time for Valentine's Day!
honestly, I've never been so blown away by the talent that went in to making this precious bear.

Now.  I am a lover of creative people.
I'm also a lover of talented people.
So, when I recieved this precious hand made bear, I had to find out more about his maker.

Her name is
Betsy Pribyl
She grew up in southern Minnesota where she married her high school sweetheart after dropping out of college.  She thought she would always go back but found a more adventurous life was all she could handle!  Having been married for 46 years, she and her husband have 7 beautiful children.  They have lived in 7 states.  Betsy started out by making her children their Halloween costumes.  Then she supplied a few gift shops and did some craft shows.  Whatever is trending at the moment is what she makes!  She has sold over 200 Harry Potter Sock Monkeys over the past few years.  Each one is her form of art!
She has been sewing and crafting and making dolls for over 30 years.  Sock monkeys have been her "main" thing, until the movie Paddington came out. 

 Now she is a one person Paddington Bear maker!
She says her greatest gratification is taking a simple piece of fabric and creating a doll or and animal that will melt your heart!

meet Betsy:

To find her, go here:

have a wonderful day y'all!

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