Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's [almost] Valentine's Day

First of all, for those of you like me who get irked at certain things....
It's ValenTINES Day, not ValenTIMES Day.

You are my Valentine.

What is the meaning of that lil cupid anyway?
I don't really know and I'm too lazy this morning to look it up.  But if you want to, here's the link

All I know is that it is one of my very favorite days of the year.

love him!

So, what do you give for V-day?

I have a few suggestions!
This was fun this morning.  These are really meant for the never ending pocket book, but hey, one can dream right?

Gold bracelet from Saks

wonderful Helmut Lang cologne (can only be purchased at Helmut Lang)

I'm dreaming big with this one.

my husband's dreaming big with this one.
(um, if the turquoise Chanel happens, most likely the above picture will happen)
hey....i'm just being honest here.
don't go hatin

otherwise, he may get this.....
i'm just sayin

let me tell ya....if you need your haunches held? Get these. period.

The Giving Key.  Y'all, this is a terrific gift with a terrific story.

again, dreaming big.

and here we have a big dream again.
My friend "E" has a burgundy Chanel patent tote and I swear I'm going to sneak into her house one day and snatch it ;)

I think these are so cute!

Wonderful gift.  I gave "W" this last year.  He loves it. (i think)

You can still order these in time for Valentine's Day (they are 30" long)
(from me, because I hand make them to order)
68.00 + 7.00 shipping

or they come in the cross version!

I can also paint you something special :)
The above painting is actually available.  It is called "Breaking Through".  It is 30 x 30 and the price is 1,200 + shipping.

just send me a little e-mail!

have a wonderful Sunday y'all!

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