Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Spotlight on Art! Day 5, 4 artists, 4 paintings.....and more!

Day 5 is here and the Opening night was just simply Amazing!

Tons of folks attended and it was wonderful seeing many of my artists friends as well as meeting new clients!

Today I'm still showing my 4 artists, 4 painting series as well as a few shots for the opening night!

First up?
Issabelle Gautier
(be still my heart.)

I love everything there is to love about this gal's work

My friend Kelley Doran

Cissy Prewitt

And last! One of my faves!

Mary Veazie

So here we were (some of us) at last night's opening event!!! (and a few peices of art!)

What a terrific event!!!

Trinity Spotlight on Art will continue every day this week from 9 -4.  Ends Saturday!

Please come join and see some really amazing work!!!

have a terrific day friends!!!


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