Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day at Callaway Gardens! And the Wild Animal Safari!

Can't remember the last time we had so much fun!!!

J brought the kids over for a couple of day and we have wanted for some time to do the Wild Animal (drive through safari)

This was SOMUCHFUN!!!

It is about and hour and 15 minutes south of Atlanta in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

We didn't dream this would be so much fun.

*tip.  Rent the bus (which is kinda gross, but worth it)
*tip.  Get about 8 cups of animal food.
*tip. Get a slobber rag.

Get ready to see tons of fun (HUGE) animals.

It was hard to take good pics because there are bars on the windows.  And you absolutely cannot get out of the car....Unless you're stupid.

our van.....

that tongue.  Y'all.  it was so rough that it left a red mark on my hand.

then on to Callaway Gardens.
yes, my family IS related....distantly, but still
Kendall Callaway Boggs

The really, really cool thing that we did first at Callaway was the Butterfly Garden.
I LOVE Butterflies.

Evers explained the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

this display was simply amazing.

Butterflies are really hard to photograph.  They flit around really fast!

Then on to the beach at Callaway!

Ever's made sure Isabelle didn't get sunburned ;)

The lake was wonderful with TONS to do!!!

That's my oldest.

Now, last but not least, the Florida State Flying Circus performs at Callaway Garden's on certain days!
Including yesterday!
How fun!

What a terrific day!!!

Have a good one!!!

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