Thursday, June 18, 2015


I'm back in Birmingham for the sole intention of teaching a two part art class.
(which they are rockin btw.)
 Daughter #1 dragged my sorry a$$ to her Zumba class at Lifetime Fitness yesterday.


have you ever been to a Zumba class?

here's the instructor on the left.
(pic stolen from FB)

Now, before I start my bitch session, let me tell you that I taught Jazzercise for years when I was in my late 20's.  The real kind of Jazzercise where you have to go away for a week and learn how to teach it.  And then get certified.
And we had little "routines"
Like crisscross applesauce doing arm exercises to "For the Longest Time" whoa, oh, oh, for the longest time........
Remember, by Billy Joel?
(not sure if that's the actual name of the song)
We also did a few "Footloose" moves. Those involved just kicking your leg up one after the other.
We did a warm up, 20 minutes of cardio, and then a cool down.
It was really fun!  And I was in terrific shape! (of course I taught 10 classes a week)
We also had records y'all.  I mean, I physically had to change the 45.
How freakin old am I?

And lazy btw.
No really.  People think that I'm a "do-aholic"?  not so AT ALL.
my rear end can lie on a couch all day long.
Even my new IWatch tells me it's time to get up and walk.
Damn watch.

Hence why I was literally the fattest person out of about 60 in that class yesterday....

I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror.  I chose to watch the ones who knew what they were doing in front of me.

The instructor rocked my socks off.
High energy, totally fun, a little wild, and man that chick had some moves.
So did my daughter.
She still has it from her dance days (as a teen)

This Zumba class was one step away from a pole dancing class.
(and I say that in the kindest of ways)
As a matter of fact.....I would think that husbands would encourage their wives to take this class
(and I'm pretty sure that #1 daughter will have me remove that comment when she reads it)
not going to do it though....*wink again.
So....when I got there, I had no idea what to expect.
I actually thought that Zumba was some Salsa dancing thing and that you wore a silly skirt and you know just danced like you live in Cuba.
no really, I did.


This is high energy, lunging side to side, reaching for the stars, hopping on one leg, kick boxing your legs out of socket, turning around while hopping on that one leg, gyrating your hips, knee lifts, knee lifts and MORE freakin knee lifts,  sweating like a pig type of work out.
You get to take a few water breaks....
maybe 3?

Y'all, I'm 55 and terribly outta shape.

But, I'm VERY competitive and totally believe in the quote
"never let em see you sweat" I'm typing this this morning.....
I cannot move except for my fingers...
no really.  Every single part of my body hurts.

I am a zombie.

and that damn watch better not tell me to get up and walk.

My daughter actually thinks I'm going back to that class with her again today....

but....I happen to have a bazillion things I need to do....Like lie on the couch ;) soon as I recover? and head back to Atlanta?

I'm joining Lifetime Fitness and going to Zumba.....

It was THAT fun!

have a terrific day y'all!

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