Sunday, June 14, 2015

Karen Turns 60!, Going Home!, and A Fun Trip!

This week I went back to where I call home.
We lived in Nashville for about 12 years, my kids grew up there for the most part, and my very best friends all still live there.
We all get together about twice a year for birthdays and weddings.
And a few other things.

To say it feels SO comfortable going home is an understatement.
And dang....not sure why my friends never age.

I mean, I've been friends with them for about 20 something years!

So, when we decided to celebrate Karen's 60th, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

I stay with my best bud Connie's home which, yes, I oooooh and ahhhhhh all over.
It's just amazingly beautiful, just straight out of Veranda.

sneak peek of my favorite part...
isn't that amazing?  Macrome roping.

So.  I got there and Connie had a huge surprise for me.
Connie and I have known each other for almost 20 years now.  We are kindred spririts and wild dogs could not tear us apart.
We are as different as night and day, but so alike that it's scary.
That doesn't make since, but...
let me explain.

Connie is a health not so much
Connie exercises all the not so much
Connie NEVER sits well, lets just say that my new Iwatch tells me it's time to get my fat butt off the sofa.

Connie and I both LOVE art.
We have VERY similar taste for beautiful things.
Many times we will see each other and without knowing, will have purchased the same items.
It's just wierd.
We both love projects and we both love to cook.

So, back to when I got there.
She took me to see Darius Rucker.
What a terrific performer.
And she knows him, which scored us some back stage meet and greet!

We had some fun at the Wildhorse Saloon!

So when you're backstage with Darius Rucker, you have to do a "Fireball" shot with him before he goes on stage to perform.....'s been a REALLY long time since I've done a shot of any kind.....

but I was ready....

and then one of my favorite bands
Little Big Town
gave us the thumbs up!

no really, they were watching.....

So, after sleeping until 9 a.m. the next morning, Connie got me up and took me to her exercise class......
Lets just say I had a hard time walking until today (and that was Tuesday)

That night, Barbara brought over some of the most amazing seafood straight from Alaska and we cooked it up for Karen's 60th birthday surprise!!!
What fun!

We sat around and told our very favorite stories of the last 19 years.

We are about to celebrate the anniversary of our 4.0 USTA tennis team going to Nationals in Tuscan!
(we came in 5th place)
(You really should have heard the stories.........quite entertaining I might add)

this was us WAYYYYY back then. OMG...

and another year of tennis....

wow.  these were all a really long time ago!

And now!

A special birthday celebration for Karen!!!!

To my sweet friend!
Happy happy Karen!!!
May the next 60 years be just as good to you!!!!


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