Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Summer Surprise"! Part II

So, after our adventure at Weekie Wachee, we decided to head on down the coast to Port St. Richey.

"W" and I said that really, really all you have to do to make kids at this age have a good time is a hotel, hotel breakfast, and a hotel pool.
That's it.

But, I'm assuming after a while, even that would get old.

We woke up Sunday morning and headed down to another State Park called "Honeymoon Beach"

What a beautiful place!
The beach is different than what we are used.  Very shellie and lots of rocks in the water makes wading a little lot difficult.

This was where my camera battery died. ugh!

Luckily, I was able to snap a few shots with my phone.

but really, that was it!

After a 1 1/2 hour beach dig, we jumped in the car, had a bite of lunch (charged my camera) and headed back up north.
Ride on an Airboat!
but first...

a nap.

If you've never ridden on an airboat, put it on your bucket list.
It's just fun!


this is where I got a little camera happy ;)

(dresses from Hannah Anderson)

this one wasn't too sure at first.

sweetest thing I've ever seen.

the boat skims over the surface and you get to see all kinds of wildlife treasures!

we saw one alligator.

*tip.  We went at 5 p.m.  If you go on an airboat ride, I think you would see more "gators" in the earlier, cooler hours.

We realized that we kinda overdid that day.
That night was not the most fun any of us had.
just saying.

Anyway, we headed to Lake City!
Everyone had a great shower and hit the sack around 9.
We had some VERY tired kids.
tired grandparents.

On Monday, after another hotel swim, and hotel breakfast, I packed a picnic lunch and we headed here.

to yet another State Park!

SO incredibly beautiful!

Get a paddle.  The river was really slow and we were having to paddle with our hands.
but a really great end to a beautiful trip with the G-kids!

I think it is safe to say our first "Summer Surpise" trip was a huge success!!!

What made this trip special?

We loved surpising our grandkids.  Also, we made use of State Parks.  Florida has terrific state parks and best of all? They're cheap!  We wanted to do everything natural, and let them see how to have fun through just exploring!  We did not want to do anything that did not involve nature.  Nothing "theme parky".
Well, except for Weekie Wachee.
(but that's different)

If you take a road trip with kids this age, make frequent stops.  Just relax and take your time.  Don't be on a set schedule or it will drive you crazy and then melt downs happen.  I think driving 2 hours and stopping at different places is the way to go.

Also, we added up the cost of this trip.  We spent less than 1,000.00 for this trip.
And really, it could have been done even cheaper.
Next time I will pack a cooler of food.

Also, if you take 3 kids, take a blowup mattress (or one adult will be sleeping on a vinyl couch)
Stay at a Hampton Inn or even better Homewood Suites (the best IMHO)

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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