Friday, September 4, 2015

CURE Childhood Cancer and Quiet Heroes

Good morning beautifuls!

I know, I know, it's 4 a.m. but, in my defense I went to sleep at 8 p.m.
so, I got a pretty good nights sleep (well that's relative)

So, let me tell you a story.

I have a friend named Jaye Watson.
this is her blog:

I consider Jaye a very close friend of mine
and we've never met.
yes, we've never even met.
one day I'm just going to show up at the station and surprise her.

Jaye is a TV personality on the NBC affiliate of the morning show here in Atlanta.
How in the world did we meet?  Well, I liked one of her outfits that she was wearing and I went to her Facebook page to ask her where she got it.
And that's how we got to be friends!
(hey, gotta love a cute outfit)
 Since I get up around 4 every morning and she's on TV at 4:30 I guess I'm the only one awake to talk with! hehe!
(before you think I'm being catfished, I'm not) (nor is she ;)
we literally message each other every morning.  and I'm serious!
So, back in April, Jaye asked me to donate a painting to an event called Believe Ball.
I said sure! and I didn't have a clue what the Believe Ball was.
Never heard of it but checked it out and realized that as an artist, I would be a fool not to donate a piece to this "one of the highest profile events" in Atlanta.
As a matter of fact, I was in Birmingham helping my daughter move and waiting for my grandson to be born.
I painted the painting on a beautiful day outside.
It was one of those out of body experience painting days and ya know, it just felt right.
The value on that painting was 2,100.00
It was bidded up to 2,500.00
For an artist to get more for a piece in a silent auction than it's worth is huge.

So, let's move on.
The girl who bought my painting happens to be someone whom I have become very close with since oh about June.
Leigh Ann Herrin.
What an AMAZING human being.

Leigh Ann reached out to me to see if I would donate another piece to an event called Quiet Heroes which is Sept. 19th at the Intercontinental here in Buckhead.
When Leigh Ann came to get the painting, she told me her story.

Leigh Ann lost her son Carter to Childhood Cancer 11 years ago.
I was like how can you even talk about this, much less chair an event?
She said she had finally come to the point to fight for awareness.  and she will stop at nothing.

Now, forgive me if I don't have all these details right but I'm trying.  
At that very point I decided I wanted to help.
I was ALL IN y'all.  I said to myself, what can I do to help?  My parents have 4 healthy adults kids and 14 healthy grandchildren. "W" and I have 3 healthy kids and 4 healthy grandchildren.  We have really never had a health scare.
For me to understand what it feels like for your child to have a life threatening illness?
I don't know what it feels like.
But, I do feel the need to give to those who do know and are fighting this horrible disease.

The clincher for me was this.
The federal government gives a pathetic FOUR percent to Childhood cancer.
FOUR percent.
Y'all, that is just simply ludicrous.
And it makes me furious.
And when I get furious, I get things done. period.

So, I joined the team of CURE.
Specifically the auction committee for Quiet Heros.

Enter Chris Glavine.  The Glavine name may be familiar because Tom Glavine was a superstar pitcher for the Atlanta Braves for years.  He is now in the Hall of Fame.
Really though?  Chris is the superstar.
Not only is she a superstar, she's like drop dead gorgeous. You know, the kind of gorgeous that you just want to slap her. (J/K)
I mean look at her
(he's not to shabby either)
So, Chris started Quiet Heroes 11 years ago.
What is QH?
This is a wonderful luncheon honoring 250 mothers of kids with childhood cancer.
350 other supporters will be at this event.

These 250 moms get to get away from the hospital, get pampered, honored and made to feel like rock stars.

There is a silent auction and I believe we have around 400 items!!!
Quiet Heroes is Sept. 19
The auction will go live on line on Sept. 11
(I'll give you the link when it goes live)
because we have some terrific items!

One of the things I am just so incredibly proud of is the amount of my friends who have donated money and items to this cause.
Trying to be creative, I formed a GOFUNDME acct.  This was started so that friends of mine who could not attend the QH event could donate.  I then decided to purchase an item that I know will go for more than it's value.
Yesterday I made the purchase!

This is the last Neverfull bag with gold lining (September is GO GOLD for Childhood Cancer)
so it was quite fitting!
Along with that is a beautiful scarf and a 500.00 gift card.
btw.  still taking donations, because I really want that gift card to be 2,000.00!
To top this wonderful item off is a private viewing of Louis Vuitton's brand new never seen items in their private salon.  The top bidder will be able to take 3 of his or her friends for a very special event at LV at Lenox Mall, complete with champagne and goodies.
That's kind of one of those "priceless" items!

Other terrific items are.....
um, that would be a Louisville Slugger signed by Carrie Underwood.
Thank you my sweet friends Karen and Jody Williams for making this happen

my wonderful friend Cheri Coyle donated this simply amazing necklace.
Perfectly fitting don't you think?
(this may go in my bag)
be sure and go to her website.  Her work is simply "to die for"

This amazing painting by my friend and studio partner Lisa Upchurch Moore
(will be a top bidder item)

this is just amazing ya'll!
Donated by my super talented friend Julie Orr.

and Allison Ford VanBeneden donated these adorable pumpkins

Lindsey Williams who owns Blanks Boutique donated a whole family full of Christmas PJs.
And my friend Sara Halberg Coburn donated monogramming for all of these!

and then there's my good friend Kim Chesney's gorgeous donation
talent plus sweetness

and then on to my sweet friend Darby Stickler donated FOUR 25.00 gift certificates to 
along with FOUR adorable t-shirts

All of these items are just amazing and my friends have just blown me out of the water.
I have to give a very special shout out to this one.
Ashley Pepiton decided to donate 100% of the money she makes off of her beautiful watercolors to my fund.
I think she's up to 350.00?
I mean I've never even met this sweet girl!!!

These items pictured are a very small amount of the items we have received for the silent auction
so please forgive me for not being able to show all of them.

I want to end with telling you all how blessed I feel at this moment.
The fact that so many people have come together to support a cause that I am now SO super passionate about literally brings tears to my eyes.
My GOFUNDME acct. is still active so if you feel the call to donate, please do!  No amount is too small.

Thank you to all of you!

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!


  1. You are the sweetest thing. There are no accidents. You liked my outfit and now you're helping fighting childhood cancer..all part of my master plan!!! No..who could plan something like that? Luck and God..that's what. Big hugs to you for all you're doing. And yes, ONE DAY we will meet!!!

  2. Kendall, you are such an inspiration to me! I truly wish I could help, but at this time I'm currently helping 3 families in Dothan who are fighting this MONSTER of a disease. It truly breaks my heart to see what these babies/kids and their families are going through. Much love and blessings to you all.

  3. As a former cancer research scientist, THANK YOU