Monday, September 28, 2015

Round Top - Part 2!!!

Well, we have now been here for 12 days!
The mornings feel a little like "Groundhog Day"

But, we are definitely having fun!
So, I walked around and snapped some stuff I really liked!

Here we go!

this was our Bloody Mary bar Saturday!

really want this....Turkish Tula rug

I think this would be great hanging on a wall

I won't say how many of these I purchased but it is the greatest invention ever made.  Keeps your drink cold the entire time


Be still my heart

about 3/4 of this wall is empty (yay)!!!  So I'm painting new ones every morning

most comfy chair ever!

LOVED these!!! If I owned a rifle I would definitely get one

My partner in crime Clara Blalock's beautiful work

Might need these ;)

I thought this was kind of neat.  Wine bar

and these are really really

I soaked my feet in ice water while watching this:

Have a beautiful day y'all!!!

If you are in Round Top come see us!!!  This is supposed to be
"busy week"

Arbor Antiques Tent D

we are calling ourselves Three Artists from Atlanta!!!


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