Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Western Town!

By Friday, we had kinda run out of things to do close by (and I mean close by around 3 hours each way!

We decided to go visit a real old Western town.  You know where they used to hang people, and have shoot outs in the streets.  I was a little disappointed that the road was not dirt and there wasn't a shoot out...oh well. ;)
It was really, really interesting!  Not sure I would consider that a "bucket list" I wanted to ride in a hot air ballon and Sis did too but since our guys are about twice our size and DID NOT WANT TO DO THAT, we lost out on that request.

So we went up to Virgina City, Montana.  We had NO idea what was in store for us!

So, here are the pics!
I don't remember (or maybe I just wasn't listening to much of what the "fire truck" guide was telling us.
NBD ;)
I do think that A few famous folks were buried there.
But honestly, my memory fails me ;)

So, here we go with the pics

we had another gorgeous drive over to our next destination!

to see VERY old buildings like this!

and this!.  They built the facades to make the buldings look larger, but really that's all they were...A facade.

One of the oldest banks in Montana!

I've already sketched this on the plane.  It will be on a canvas next week. Thinking I'll do a red roof though

Many outlaws who were hung and buried here!

A Beautiful view of the whole town!

A church!

This is the oldest church in Virginia City.
Since I'm an Episcopalian, I was totally intriqued by the beauty.  Reminded me so much of the church that I attended growing up!
I Sketched this also today ;)

  Now this was pretty gross.  That's a dentist showing how they used to pull teeth. ick...
and here are some of his teeth:

the Concert Hall

an old truck and yes I've also already sketched it outl

not sure what this was!

but this was definitely a really old car.

this was the before and after of the church

Antique view finders

Antique ice cream maker!

more graves ;(

We ate here and really, it is a REAL saloon. Everything in there was SO authentic!'

not sure...

check out the tile ceiling!

and of course we had to get the obligatory "Western" photo

We are home!!! Yesterday morning we woke up at two, had to pack, and be out of the house at 3:45 a.m.
Got to the airport in Boseman and took Alaskan Airlines out.  We flew to Seatlle, and flew out of there to Dallas where we were due to have a THREE hour layover.
Weather detoured us over to Oklahoma City and had to refuel...whadda ya know?
We missed our flight. ugh!!
So, after a night in Dallas we were up and at em this morning at 4 and finally back home!
(but really tired)

The trip?  Honestly one of the best trips I have ever taken!!! If you can go, do it!!!

Have a great day y'all!

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