Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yellowstone and More!!!

One more thing marked off of my bucket list!!!

Well, I tried to blog yesterday but internet is quite slow here in Big Sky so I'm cramming two days worth of beauty in to one blog.  Annoying as it is, I'm trying to be patient!!!
So, on Monday, we went to Yellowstone.
First time ever to see this, and oh my goodness, gracious, alive.
I have never in my life seen such beauty.
So, here we go!

We left Big Sky around 7 a.m. yesterday morning and headed down south making many stops during the trip.

Many stops because Sissy and I couldn't quit saying "STOP!!!! I need to take this photo!!!"

So,,,sit back if you would like and take in some of the beautiful scenery!!!! And yes, SO incredibly beautiful how God's hand has touched each part of this place!

I'm not sure my photos do it justice to be honest!

We were looking for many wild animals but all we have seen are Bison!

But lots of thermal steam

and Big Beautiful Skies!

and snow capped mountains!

 he was kinda cute and ugly at the same time...

Inspiration for a painting.

This was the crowd that had gathered for Old Faithful...

which did not disappoint.

ya know, I want to paint this, but no one would believe the sky is ever this blue! It is.

So yesterday, we drove around what is considered to be the most beautiful road in the US.
The Bear Tooth Highway.
We left at 7 a.m. and arrived home around 9 p.m.  LONG DRIVE.  68 miles of scenic beauty!
Scary at times.  Like very scary, and a very, very long route, but SO worth it!!!
We ended up at Mammoth Falls, but moi, had an itty bitty case of altitude sickness and couldn't even walk up the steps to see what I've been waiting so impatiently for.  Poor "W" stayed back with me.
PS....altitude sickness is yuck. period.

So, here we go with more pics!!!

yes, that says elevation 10,947.

 (I was barefoot)

Mammoth Hot Springs

Horseback riding and Fly fishing!!!

Fly fishing is another "bucket list" item!!!

have a wonderful day y'all!!1

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