Monday, January 16, 2017

Girl Friends After 50....

I'm stealing this pic from my friend Leslie Ann whom I went to high school with.
(she's much more artsy than me and I respect her talent like non other)
....I had.a moment last night. A raise the roof, rock the baby, moment, added to a pity party.
yep. I did.
I need a vacation.
I need a vacation with my girls. My best girls.  Not my daughters, not my sister, not my nieces.  My girls.  The girls I have been friends with for years and years and years but never see one another.  Why? Because I've moved 5 times since my 'core' group of friends became besties about 20 years ago.
That makes me so super sad!

I've made new friends, like Elizabeth, Cindy, Renee, Helen, Michele, Tami, Barbara D, Cissy B and Sissy L, Lisa, LA, but we just don't get to see each other much.
And it truly, truly makes me sad.
And I need a trip with them too.

So as I was taking a bath tonight I thought about this.  Ya know, we are all so very different.  Some women love to stay at home.  Some like Lisa and I work like a dog getting ready for our next shows.  Some just really don't make it a priority.  But mostly? Like me, we don't take the time to make it a priority and nurture our friendships. I'm guilty. I'll admit. I'll take watching my grandkids over going on a trip with my friends. 
My number one wish for my new year is to either really, really work on spending time with the friends I've had forever, or make new friends.  Because I will tell you a secret.  It's really depressing living in 5 different places in 8 years and keeping up and making new friends.  I need you guys!
So, lets do this guys...just girls. Let's commit to making time for one another.  There is nothing more fun nor gratifying than to hang out with the girls!!!!
have a super happy day!

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