Monday, January 30, 2017

The "Blessings" Series

Every now and then I will start a series with my art.

I really had not intended to start a new series with Roundtop coming up.
The painting below appeared on my canvas.
I immediately loved it and decided I really wanted to paint more art using gold leaf.
so.  I showed this painting to my friend "E" who had just gotten back from a 3 week trip to Myanmar.
"E" does these amazing documentaries all over the world and I am SO proud of her for following her dream!
She was in Yagon for a while during this particular trip.
She told me the story about her visit to the Shwedagon Temples.

She said that while she was in Yagon, she would go to the temples and it brought such a peace within her.  The monks would give her a tiny flake of gold leaf for her to apply to the already adorned gold temple.
The monks talked about good deeds quite a bit and evidently gold represents a good dead or a blessing!
"E" and I had lunch last week and during that lunch I soaked all of this information in and at that very moment I decided to start this new series and call it 
So, anytime I will be using gold leaf in my paintings it will be out of the "Blessings" series!
Introducing my first painting in the Blessings series!

30 x 30 mixed media framed in a gold float frame

Price available upon request

Have a terrific day y'all!

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