Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Roundtop Roundup!


Yippee, Hallelujah, Thank the Lord, raise the roof and rock the baby.

Y'all, the heat.
It was excruciating.  And I am serious.
I mean like nothing I've ever been through in my life.
I came home and had to get a salt scrub at the spa just to exfoliate the layers of sweat off my body
j/k (sort of)
You know we stay in an RV right?
Well, we are parked kinda at the top of a slanted hill so the water pressure is below sub par in the shower.
Put it this stinks.
Which makes us well.....wear a lot of cologne.
Other than the heat, the show was.....
The clients showed up and loved what they saw!

The acrylic inks in the stand off frames flew off the wall!

as did the framed acrylic inks.

check out these ankole horns

I have one single framed green acrylic ink left

As usual Kendall and Lisa fashion, we had lots of fun!
this is a staple at RT...
(don't judge)

We got to ride around in a Kaboda on a friend's farm and see all the farm animals

"Starring contest"

The longhorns out there are for real....
Like everywhere
(well it is Texas ya know)

luckily I was in Texas for the wedding of my nephew and his beautiful bride!

My sister

Speaking of sister....she would send me pics of her at her boyfriends beach house.
Like ON THE BEACH with a sailboat sailing on the ocean....
I sent this back.
(my view)
(I'm just a redneck)

All in all, Roundtop was a HUGE success!!!
and fun.
and crazy.
and exhausting.
Get ready Roundtop!
We will be back!!!

Have a terrific day y'all!

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