Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want to tell you about "Never Look Back"

As a painter, I usually have in mind what I want my paintings to say.  The finished product however is almost never what I intended.  Such as the painting "Never Look Back".  A friend of mine had reminded me of a song that is actually one of my favorites - MacArthur Park.  So, after I listened to it I set out to paint the girl in the yellow cotton dress that "was foaming like a wave on the ground beneath her knees".  The song is one of the most passionate songs I've ever heard.  I'm sure music critics have ripped it to shreds all these years trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about. Assuming the cake in the song was "laced" with hash!  For some strange reason, I've been a little quirky lately...and this song evoked a passion in me that just made me crazy! At any rate I wanted to paint that girl!...Because....I'm a passionate person, and I wanted my passion about this song to come out on canvas. The song is packed with symbolisms. I believe the cake that "melted in the rain" was a relationship that was "melting".  And he would "never have that recipe again" which meant to me that he would never find another love like her.  Well, enough of my interpretation of music...back to art.  I really just wanted to paint that girl in the yellow dress AND the melting cake.  Like I said though my paintings rarely turn out like I intend.  Many times when I paint, I have a final goal and so many times I get mad and frustrated that I can't reach that goal and then all of the sudden something beautiful happens and I  see this beautiful image that was meant to be there in the first place!! (It can get a little tense in my art room)!  I really think though, it's subliminal in a sense.  So, I was all set to paint "the girl in the yellow dress".  All of the sudden I'm painting green streaks (the icing that was melting on the cake) and I'm seeing this beautiful figure that just appeared to me! ...And... it looks like my niece Ally!  Then it occurred to me,,,this is her! I realized what the song was saying to me in the first place was "Never Look Back" that you should move on with your life no matter what deck of cards you've been dealt. Ally has had some incredibly hard situations thrown at her throughout her 18 years here on earth, and  I admire her immensely because of how she has held her head high through the many tough circumstances that have come her way.  She has had to struggle through a family illness that would send the toughest man on earth to his knees.  She has lived through this gracefully and has never complained, not once.  So, Ally. This is your "Never Look Back" my dear.  This is my gift to you.  You are one very special girl.
I love you sweetie!


  1. what a beautiful picture. i love ally and you kendall! what an honor for her to have this painting.

  2. Kendall..I'm pretty speechless about your art and gift.....

  3. Kendall,
    What an incredible picture. I, too, am so proud of Ally. She is so strong just like the rest of you Calloways!!!! You are so talented. I have always been in awe of Kim's talents and drive and now I see you both have it!!!!I love this picture and Ally can have it in her home forever. What a gift.