Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turning 50

This year I turn 50.  August 8 to be exact.  So what does this mean?  Does this mean that I have to accomplish every goal I've ever had in this year?  I think so!!! I think this might be my form of a mid-life crisis.  Painting is the big thing.  I've always wanted to paint...but, even with all the prodding from family to do it, market it, and sell it I just couldn't get up the nerve to put myself out there!  I compare it to singing in front of a crowd or writing a novel, or well anything that someone is going to judge.  SO this year I took the plunge.  (I actually have to blame it on Facebook).  I formed a group and asked all my friends to join.  Well, I got enough "great" comments to get up the nerve to be in an art show, and there you have it....confidence!  Which brings me to another subject.  Why is what people think about your talent so important?  Shouldn't I just be happy with what I'm doing without having to have to approval of everyone else? A friend once told me "even an ugly baby is beautiful to it's parent"! (not sure if he was using that as an analogy referring to my art!)...but it's very true!  Unfortunately I'm more complex than that.  My fear was that someone would just gag while looking at my art! My worst fear!  Anyway, I'm just sayin,,,if you have a passion - go for it!!!  50 is just around the corner....


  1. Yay Kendall! Welcome to the world of blogging! Your artwork is so unique and absolutely stunning. We'll be seeing you up here in some swanky nyc gallery before you know it!

  2. Thank you so much!!! I am so proud of you and that blog of yours! I've sent it to so many people and they love it too! Keep up the good work girly!

  3. my mom said once she turned 50 there was no holding back for her...meaning, she does what she wants, speaks her mind, and finally feels free to be herself!! so...50 here you come! :)