Monday, May 18, 2009

The Red Canoe

One of the hardest things for me since I've started painting has been to know when the piece is finished.  I think that's pretty typical of most artists.  So, I've checked around and asked a bunch of painters "how they know when their piece is done"?  I've gotten a couple of compelling answers.  One artist from New York said "it takes two people to to paint the painting, and one to tell you when it's finished".  Another artist Thomas Arvid who happens to be a very famous artist from Atlanta told me "you know it's sort of like when you talk too much!  Sometimes you just know when that conversation is over"  hum, think he was talking about me? Anyway, I think my personality comes out on canvas because a lot of times I "overpaint".  One of my friends (and you know who you are "KW") says that talking to me is like watching a greyhound chase a rabbit around the track, it never catches it.  Anyway, this painting "The Red Canoe" was the first painting I've ever sold.  It originally wasn't supposed to turn out like this.  I actually had in mind a simple red canoe.  I kept layering that molding paste over each time I got frustrated with the painting.  Every time I put the molding paste on, it became a different painting!  That's what I love about that stuff. Molding paste to me is like reading clouds.   There's always a different shape or picture that you see.
The second time I slapped the molding paste on the canvas I had decided that it was the skyline of NY!  If you look closely at this painting you can see the Empire State Building! (seriously)  So then I decided "wait!  I'm not painting the skyline of NY!  I then decided to name that painting "A Masterpiece of Self Destruction"  Every time I put more molding paste on, I got more frustrated and I was self destructing.  Sort of like when I talk too much!  I finally took a wet paper towel and started wiping the wet molding paste off and there it was, my original red canoe!  What I had intended in the first place.  Nevertheless, I hated this painting with a passion.  But, everyone who saw it loved it!  I was very detached.  Still, I stuck it in my first art show.  Well, yep, obviously what I think is beautiful and what others think is beautiful are two different things.  It sold.  The painting taught me an important lesson.  I need to stop talking so much and start listening more!

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  1. Kendall - Firstly, that painting is one of my favorites that I've seen on your site. Be sure to let us know if you ever do do a painting on the nyc skyline though! And thank you so so much for the pan! I got it in the mail today and was so excited. I have absolutely no idea what to do with it though, so I can't wait to hear your family recipe. You are too sweet!!