Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun in Hopetown on St. Patty's Day....then off to Marsh Harbor for a fun little party

It's good to be green.....
We were wearing so many different colors of green that the Irish would puke.
In the meantime....some pics of Harbortown, The Abacos...

Callen and Andy...again!!! (aren't they just so cute!)

The Lighthouse in Hopetown

I love pics of old equipment. This lighthouse was SO cool!

Moby's Deck

Friends at Marsh Harbor's FUN St. Patty's Day party

Callen and Andy again!

Watching them act really silly!!! WE LOVED THIS!!!

Captain Pete!

"Two new friends" (don't have a clue who they are,,,,but they're friends!)
one on the left is a plastic surgeon who looked at my eye yesterday. Hence no pics of me!!! He said I shouldn't go last night and should stay at home with a compress on it. I have a fever blister {very} near my eye......didn't stay home. He actually didn't think I'd want anyone to see me!! (I'm not THAT vain)


more later chickies!!! Including a recipe for this.....the best Shepherd's Pie I've ever had.

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