Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Show's Over

The Show's Over.....
and I'm....exhausted
to say the least.
So why in the heck am I up at 3:48 a.m.???? (and that's with the time change) Don't ask me! This has been the norm for the past week. Major insomnia. The Solo Show was just amazing!!! We had anywhere from 100 - 150 folks there and I sold 10 paintings! What an honor this has been and I feel just so thankful to all of those who came. I have tons of pics and will post them asap. We are headed to tour the Abaco's with 4 sweet young adults in oh about 3 hours. Guess that's why I'm up already. In the meantime this is what we sold! Unfortunately I don't have pics for all.

and.....on hold until March 17th

Still available

Have a great day chickies! I'll be back later today!

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