Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg art - a tutorial

Hopefully I can explain this! I promise, promise, promise these are easy!!! First...the finished product....A simple little egg with a chick inside. This one is truly easy enough for kids to [help] do. And they get to get their hands ewey, gooey messy with glue!!!

Now.... the supplies:
Start with blowing out eggs. I do them the old fashioned way, you know they way you get salmonella. You might want to use a syringe.

next supply:
Mod Podge MATTE finish. The only glue worth using! (in my opinion)
and some tissue

......a few little garnishes for the inside and out. Oh, and some paint. You can find little figurines at Micheals or JoAnns.

First, Paper Mache the eggs with strips of tissue and the Modge Podge. Just slather that glue all over the egg and smooth on the strips of tissue. I like mine not so smooth and you'll see why in a bit

Let the eggs dry (dudn't take too long)

get out your favorite gun in the world.....THE HOT GLUE GUN!! and heat it up....now.....I would be remiss if I didn't put a warning on this..DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS USE A HOT GLUE GUN!!!!...DO NOT BURN YOURSELF....IT WILL LEAVE A SCAR AND YOU WILL SHAKE YOUR HAND AND JUMP AROUND LIKE A MAD PERSON IF YOU GET IT ON YOU......

Stab the dry plastered egg with a pair of your best scissors, just so you can mess them up (like I have done)

Now cut out a perfect hole. It's easy, just follow the curve in the egg.
At this point you should disinfect the inside of the egg and dry it out really well.

Now....take your fingers, hold the egg from the inside and paint the outside. I chose an ecru color and you'll see why in a sec.

when dry, paint the inside, I chose pink (obviously)

After those dry, I chose to do an umber stain on the outside. This is similar to a wall technique that is used after tissuing a wall with tissue. You paint over the tissue and then stain with a watered down umber or an umber color mixed with glaze. (see you can practice on an egg!)

(when the stain was applied)

and when the stain was wiped off (I actually like it better not wiping the stain off! OH well)

Take the oh so HOT glue gun and put a wad in the inside of the bottom of the egg. Then stick a little moss on top of the glue

add a little chick

then take the HOT glue gun and glue around the rim of the egg. Glue a string of decorative lace around the edge. PLease be careful not to burn yourself. At this point if you are working with kids, you may want to take over. Ask my daughter Callen who has a scar on her arm from 15 yrs. ago.

now glue around the egg for a little loop
and then add a loop

add a pretty bow and manipulate it like you want for the look you're lookin for....
There ya have it chickies! (no pun intended)
Easy egg art!!!


  1. Precious, Kendall! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. So cute! Can't wait to make these with Evey when she is older!!