Monday, March 15, 2010

OH the peace of it all!

We are relaxing for a week on Moby's Deck....our little water RV named after our dog Moby. Just messin around in the Abacos. Right now we are at Green Turtle Cay. A little windy..but BEutiful!.. I just had "Bianca's" famous Bloody Mary and now need a nap.....
because...... of this little Bloody Mary concoction right here....

"The Mean Bloody Mary Machine"

I managed to wiggle the recipe right out of her.(Bianca) ! It is OH SO {dangerous} hiccup GOOD....1 part vodka, 1 part rum, 1 part tequila,(yes 3 jiggers) the rest is a plain ole bloody mary mix and a dash of tobasco. rim the rim with salt/pepper mix. Add olives and celery.
CONK. (and I don't mean conch) (ME???? I ended up right smack on the couch)
Here's some pics!


Callen, Andy, Emily and Alex

Callen and Andy laughing (as usual!)

Last night's beautiful sunset!

bye chickies!!! I'll check in tomorrow!!!


  1. Bloody looks bloody yummy....Wished I could drink one...Cheers...

  2. Bloody Mary looks yummy! I'm making my own bloody drink soon..but with blood oranges!Stay tuned! I hope you're having fun. Your daughter is beautiful and looks just like you! :)