Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let me tell you just how excited I am!!!

What do you do when a James Beard award winning chef comes to your house to stay????? This is her. Martha Foose, aka Fooseball

Well......first, I'm gonna clean the house like crazy, stock my refrigerator and my pantry like I know what I'm doin and cook her some of my spaghetti.
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Then......she is speaking for a huge group and doing a book signing out here at Reynold's Plantation....
for her book Screen Doors and Sweet Tea. It's a MUST HAVE! Plus....she's really, really funny.

THEN.....she is going to be on the morning show in Atlanta and will be one of the chefs for the greatly respected Atlanta High Museum Wine Auction! She will be a guest chef at Canoe Restaurant in Atlanta.

but, the most important thing?(selfishly for me at least).....Martha and I are going to have an Ebelskiver cook off...sneak preview, these are mine:

Cindy S. is going to photograph the whole thing. (that's her with her sweet hubby Sykes)

If I win, my recipe goes in her next cookbook..( just [sorta] kiddin Mawtha) Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!! (she's actually a good friend so I'm really not nervous at all!)

stay tuned don't wanna miss the Ebelskivers.....yummerlicious!

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  1. Very Exciting! Going to the bookstore today, will see if they have her cookbook... love the name.
    Good Luck with the Ebelskiver Cook Off :o)