Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Jewelry Maker????

I never, ever thought I would make jewelry.  ever.
Actually I think I did make some years ago, but got over that like really fast.

Anyway, since I started making these gold leaf paperweights I kept looking at the crosses and thought how cute it would be as a necklace.

I was right.

I made one for myself and wow, not sure I've ever gotten so many compliments on anything I've worn.

So, now I'm making them...for a price ;)

Here is a pic!

These are approximately 2" of chunk.
They are 30" long and have oh heck I don't even know what kind of closure to call it.
It's a ring that you stick a bar through.
(I know a lot about jewelry)
They are not very heavy at all.
They are gold leafed and will age in a beautiful patina over time.

They are 68.00
+ 7.00 shipping

I take pay pal and all ya gotta do is contact me at 

Expect a one week turnaround because believe it or not....I'm already backed up on these suckers!

But, I will tell you?

you can jump outta bed in your black pj's, throw on a jacket, put this necklace on and BOOM.
You look like it took you 2 hours to get ready!!!
I'm serious.
Don't tell "W" but those are my pjs that I wore to the Michael W. Smith/Amy Grant concert last night.  I threw on a jacket over them :)
which btw was the most amazing concert!!!

*disclosure.  This is NOT the chain I am selling.  I just happened to have this beautiful chain and added the cross.

Have a terrific day y'all!!!!



  1. I just sent you an email requesting one of these gorgeous necklaces! I included my email address, as soon as you send me a paypal invoice I will submit payment!
    Lynette M.

  2. Kendall, I just sent you another email about payment info. Just posting here incase it goes to your spam account again.
    Lynette M.

  3. I love that you went in pjs w a jacket over it!!!!!