Monday, December 22, 2014

American Girl!

Hey y'all!
WOW.  Okay, so Christmas is REALLY 3 days away?
What happened?

It kinda snuck up on me.

First some bidness.
so, Friday was my last day of work for the year.
I think.

I designated that day because really after Friday, it's pretty hard to get Christmas gifts out.
I'm still working on a few more necklaces (thank you for the TONS of orders I got)!!!
The necklaces that are being shipped out today most likely won't make it for Christmas.
I am going to add hearts in January (perfect V-Day gift, wink) and maybe 4 leaf clovers?
(a suggestion from a good friend)!

Now, onto an overload of pictures!
J and E brought the kiddos up on Saturday to spend a couple of days with us.

Our plan was to go see a Christmas light show up at Lake Lanier and then on Sunday go see "W"s wonderful parents up in Brevard, NC and take them presents!

The light show was a go.  It was fun driving through the 7 miles of Christmas decorations.
Was is worth the 40 bucks and the hour long drive to see them?
hum.  I'm not a huge fan of "tacky" Christmas lights, but the kids enjoyed them.  They really wanted to go do the rides but we felt like we were overloading them.  Next year we may do a day trip up there around Christmas.

Anyway, Sunday morning "W"s mom called and said "W"s dad "Daddy Bob" had a stomach bug.
So, plans changed.

We ended up taking the kiddos to The America Girl store in Alpharetta.

Now.  If you've never taken your little girl to an AG, find one and go.
I just love the whole theme behind AG.  I have followed them since their conception back in 1986.  As a matter of fact, Jordan, my oldest has one of the very first American Girl dolls created!  Callen, her sister,  really got in to them and it was a special thing that she and my grandmother "Nanny" shared together.
I think she owned every doll ever made back then.  Nanny just showered her with AG dolls, clothes, beds, everything!!!
It was seriously crazy.
AG story is a wonderful success story.  Created by Pleasant Roland, an educator who wrote schoolbooks, it was sold to Mattel in 1995 I believe for a mere 800 million bucks.
Now AG has everything you could ever want for your doll.  Even down to an earring stand.
The concept promotes empowerment of girls, tells stories about the dolls, and crosses all boundaries.

Okay, back to what we did.
We went to the bistro yesterday and then we were going to get Evey's doll's hair fixed up.
(they have a hair salon).....(they can even get a massage and their nails polished)....
um.  okay.
so get ready! Here is a photo overload!

Catie bug.

Feeding her "Bitty Baby"

We call him Mr. Christmas.

he doesn't want presents, he only wants money.

We decided that Evey's dolls won the "worst hair award" in the AG store.

That's Evers with her doll Sally

She is such a ham!!!

BTW, the food at the bistro is really great!  And fairly priced!

Okay, so on to the salon to get Sally's hair done.

wow, that Sally is a partier.
I decided that she looked a little like Ann Bancroft....

we got her a conservative little "do"

While at the hair salon, these two were kept occupied by today's latest tech.
Have y'all seen the egg breaking app?  They can literally watch it all day long.
It's just breaking after another, after another....

that's her again...

and again...

what a fun day we had!!!

and, we got a few "pre" Christmas presents!!!

have a great day y'all!!!


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  1. Love these pics! My youngest was born just a few months before Bennett. Lois Anne is planning a trip to the American Girl store for her 5th bday in April. Love this sneak peek!