Friday, December 26, 2014

We Had Ourselves a Perfect Little Christmas....

How was yours?

Ours was just terrific!
From start to finish!

First, on Tuesday we got to see what new baby Boggs was going to be in an exciting reveal party!
We are getting a brand new baby boy around May 11th of 2015!
"W" and I could not be more thrilled for our son and DIL!

Then on Wednesday, for the first Christmas since I don't remember, I really didn't have much to do!
I guess I planned better than I thought I did. (On-line shopping helped out tremendously) as did a 6:30 a.m. grocery shopping trip.
If you're an early bird like me that is the ONLY way to grocery shop on Christmas Eve.
I got the first parking place and I was like one of 3 in the grocery!

So, on Wednesday, we got to relax, do a little cooking, and even take a napster with the kiddos.
My kinda day.

We followed our tradition by heading to Candlelight service at J and E's church.
Amazing is all that comes to mind.
Then the yearly Japanese Steak house.

And home to air out our clothes and put out Santa.

but first....
we got this text from one of my kid's friends that said that our last year family Christmas picture was on Bubba Watson's twitter account?  WTW?
Seems he was running a Family Christmas PJ contest and some wierdo guy found our picture off google and submitted it as his own family picture.

and won the contest.
Who does that?
And yes, we have contacted Bubba Watson.
What he plans to do about it I don't know.
(but I'd really love the candy cane 4 wood that he is giving to the winner)
um Bubba, if you're reading, my e-mail is
just sayin...

Back to Christmas....

Christmas morning!

Wondering how many Elsa's and Ana's there were on Christmas morning...
time to #letitgo

my dapper daddy!


Brag alert....
I wanted to give Jordan and the kids the ultimate craft station.
from a confirmed "craftaholic"
So "W" and I went to The Container Store
and built our own station!

click here to get the same one:

(Elfa is on sale right now at 30% off)

then fill it up with all kinds of stuff!


First Christmas together!

my oldest.

I think I can safely say, we had a wonderful day!

From our house to yours!

Merry Christmas!!!



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