Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm LIVE!!!

At My Design Chic!

My friends over at Design Chic (the ever so popular blog that literally everyone I know reads) have taken my new Christmas products LIVE!

I am just thrilled to announce my association with this wonderful Mother/daughter duo!

Items include my new bar wear, mini paintings, and gold leaf paper weights.

please visit to view and purchase my new hand painted and hand sculpted gift items!

have a terrific day y'all!


  1. We are THRILLED to have you at Shop Design Chic!! Your work is amazing!!

  2. Hi! Can you please tell me the best way to contact you? I saw one of your paintings on pinterest and would love to purchase. Thanks! Kathleen

  3. Hi Kathleen! Please contact me at and I can answer any of your questions! Thanks so much!