Tuesday, December 23, 2014

RH....Raising the Bar...

on snootiness.

yes, I said it.


Well, I'm a little irritated at RH.

"W" and I wanted to go see what all the fuss was about in the new SEVEN STORY RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) that was built literally right down the street from where we live here in Atlanta.

I had watched this building grow in the past year or so and it opened about a month ago.

So, last week, "W" (who arrived home around 6:30) and I hiked over to take a looksy and make a few purchases.

It's promptly 7 p.m., we go in and are told they are closed.  Really?
hum.  yep, they close at 7 p.m.

So, the next night, he gets home at 5:30 JUST so we can go to RH and make a few purchases.
We drive by the valet (specifically there for the RH patrons who cannot walk the extra 50 ft.) (no, I'm serious y'all)

We park in a parking deck built for RH.  Y'all, this is in one of THE MOST expensive areas in the South and this place takes up an entire block.

We walk through the most beautiful display of lighting and outdoor furniture I've ever seen.
Yes, I'm a groupie....an irritated groupie, but non the less.  I'm an RH groupie.

Greeted by a really nice security guard ;), we quickly found a salesperson (whom I'm sure would not like that I called her a "salesperson"....instead of a "designer").   I had a tear sheet of what I was looking for and she quickly whisked me into a room that had the exact product.  Great!  This won't take long at all.  And then I can meander my way through the next 6 floors.

As we are talking, my husband says "excuse me, but why do y'all close at 7 p.m.?"
ut. oh.
In the most snooty manner I have ever heard, she replied
"um, sir, ALL of the RH stores close at 7 p.m"
I am assuming that she is talking about "RH" and NOT Restoration Hardware.  And is there really a difference?
Then she proceeded to ask ME if I had ever been in a Restoration Hardware.
"Help me I'm poor"
is all I could think of.

Well, those of you who know me probably know that I'm not real fond of this kind of attitude.
I promptly told her that I went in the first Restoration Hardware store that was EVER built back in 1980 (that was a lie, but it sure sounded good)
What wasn't a lie was the fact (and I told her) that as a designer I have done business with RH for well over 20 years.
As a matter of fact, on my last job I spent oh about 200 K on RH "stuff".  And then I had to add that because of some of the worst delivery service I had ever in my life seen (many, many items arrived broken) AND the really nice delivery guy said to me "look LADY, I need to know where you want me to put this...
I ended up speaking personally to the CEO of RH.

So, yep.  I've been in a few RH's.
And no.
They don't ALL close at 7 p.m.
Sales LADY, you need to get your facts straight.

So, I placed my order (which btw was not available in the store)
nor is most of what is beautifully displayed.

So pretty much fuming, "W" and I made our way through the next 6 floors.

I'll admit...it's eye candy

all I was looking for really was this:
That grey and cream throw on top.  I have one and wanted another.  Truly the most comfortable thing I've ever owned.

As you walk through what some would call "garish" designs, you really can't help but pine over the beautiful decor.  Truly beautiful, almost breathtaking.

I mean who wouldn't want to live in perfection?

I really want this bedroom
Soft, subtle, perfect mix of masculinity and femininity.
Warm and comfortable...all for a price.

Unfortunately that's all the photos I took. (Only had my iPhone)

After finding a very, very nice and knowledgeable "designer" who found us our throw, we made our way back to the front and out the door.

I will say, if you have the chance to go to RH in Atlanta, go.

Have they shot themselves in the foot by building a 75,000 square foot building right smack in Buckhead?
I don't know.  I personally like the old Restoration Hardware.  You know the one that you can go in and look at all the cool replicas of old toys and stuff.

RH in Atlanta is nothing but a showroom of dream rooms.
And if you have the money, it can be yours!!!

But, "help me, I'm poor"

have a wonderful day y'all!

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