Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks Esther Bunny!

The Easter Bunny came....and left me some wonderful reminders of a fabulous weekend with my kids and
here they are:

my favorite! G-baby Evey lou hoo

Myself, my dad, and my sister

my ultra sweet son Gregory

Beautiful niece Ally and my wonderful daughter Callen

Evey salivating over the homemade cupcakes

Nephew Cal (idn't he good lookin?)

Myself and my [older] sister Kim

Ally being silly Ally

Adorable Jordan, Evey, and Eric (who both did all the cooking) thank you sweet kids!

Kim and her good lookin sons Jackson and Tyler

Niece Harper and future model by the looks of it!

and another model potential, niece and God child Claire!

Mr. Wonderful and Evey

My sweet brother Clay

Sis Kim and her beautiful family

and finally Evey hunting Easter eggs (or dirt)

Hope you all had as wonderful of an Easter as we all did!
Later Chickies!


  1. Great Pictures! The cupcakes look SOOOOOOOO delicious!

  2. Saw your art work over at Darby's blog and had to stop by - you do beautiful work! And, your family photos are wonderful as well. Great blog!

  3. your family is beautiful!! And I should have stopped on by yesterday for one of those delicious cupcakes!!! YUM!