Saturday, June 26, 2010


We went to Napa last September.  The whole fam.
Well, it was Mr. W, the kids and myself.  We left Eric and Evey at home :(......we didn't want to, he just volunteered to keep her and knowing she's not old enough to indulge in some of the finer [wine] things in life, we decided to give in and let him stay home with her.
We stayed at this wonderful little place in Calistoga called
The Calistoga Ranch
Mr. W and I usually stay at the Auberge du Soleil but with 5 people, the cost was a little
a lot ridiculous
but, I'll show you a pic of it anyway......
okay.....I just downloaded this pic from their blog...I SWEAR I did not copy these umbrellas.  I knew I loved the Auberge almost more than life itself. I just can't believe I'm following their color scheme! (told you orange is IN!)  
If you get the chance (or should I say) the money, you must stay here.  Oh, be still my Frette starched sheets and huge, fluffy down comforter lovin heart.  That's what's on the bed along with a wonderful crackling fire when you walk in. The view overlooks miles of wine groves and the smell is intoxicating. They also have these HUGE beautiful chenille hot pink pillows paired with orange ones laying by the fire on the Mexican tile floor.  The bathrooms have oversized tubs and slippers and are surrounded also by mexican tile.  Little bath salts in a little clay bowl and a scoop lay conspicuously by the tub. Along with fluffy white towels and bath slippers. A robe that you could literally never take off your body. I can just smell that entire room right now. oh's very sexy.
Anyway, not sure why I'm telling you all this.
The real reason is to tell you what I remember about the room at the 
Calistoga Inn.  Which by the way was half the price and perfect for a large group.
I remember coming home at night (half wine logged (toasted) to this...
is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Glass water bottles beside the bed with mint in them.
So, of course I had to have some of those to have for MY guests. I obsessively searched the bottle over and found the name on the bottom, googled the website and voila!!! found them
It's this
Okay here's more of their bottles....I'm just trying to figure out what I can do with them!  I think I'm going to make my own bath salts.
aren't these just the cutest things eva??????
Enjoy a beautiful Saturday Chicks!


  1. I love the bottles!!! Cute blog.

  2. Ok... now it's my turn to ask you about your pictures!!! How are yours so large??

  3. hey Er! I think it's the different format. I pushed the section (arrow) on the left to the smallest or should I say thinest. Thanks so much for the tutorial! It was very informative!!