Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Packing Mom.

I'm not going to lie, I was dreading this like the plague.  Seriously folks, my sister and brother gave ME the job of packing.  Like my mom said "looks like you got the raw end of this deal". (is that the way it goes or is it wrong end????) Sometimes mom misspeaks.
Anyway, It were'nt too bad.  If you like packing.  Which by the way, I would rather do anything than pack.  It took me a day and a half of packing up Hancocks her sewing room. I mean, I have never seen so many fabrics, patterns, sew beautiful magazines (that are out of print now and she is interested in selling them) so contact me if any of you would like any out of print Sew Beautiful Magazines.
 I found some treasures.....and my mom gave them to me.
We'll start with this bell pull that took hours and hours to make.  She did the most beautiful needlepoint.
Then there's my grandmother's mink stole.  Mom said "I'll never use it, you take it" SNATCH.
be still my vintage fur lovin heart!!!! I simply cannot wait to wear this!!!
Just all kinds of treasures.....like a picture of me when I was 5.  It got tucked away somewhere and I haven't seen it in oh at least 40 years.
and my 1st grade class at A.K. Sutter school in Pensacola, FL
Don't remember one thing about that teacher.  hum.
I wrote this poem to my mom when I was 12.  She needlepointed the whole thing! Must have taken her a year to do it.
She gave me this awesome dish from Mexico (I've secretly wanted it for years)
my sewing certificate from 1973.  I completed a sewing course at the Singer Sewing Center.  haha!
made a grey polyester suit.
Stan Hick and I got "best dressed" at Girard Jr. High my 9th grade year.  My posture looks like I need a back brace.  And that hair!  oh my......and what about those paints Stan was wearing?????
Well that's all the treasures I took pics of...She gave me many more and though I was dreading this daunting tasks, it really wasn't too bad!
I'm at the beach now for a couple of days recuperating.  (no tar balls in San Destin!!!) yeahhh
I'm soon going to do a special blog that has something to do with this!!!
Sorry the pics so bad, had to drag it off FB.  
Later chickies!!!


  1. That picture of you is SO cute!! Love the bun! And I do like the new layout!

  2. the poem is precious love that you mention a brand new pair of shoes- keepsake for sure and looks like your mexican dish is for hot off the skillet tortillas.. looks like you got the better end of the deal with all your steals.