Sunday, June 20, 2010


I've been here.
Where the water is as beautiful and clear as a sky blue popsicle
With some friends on our little water RV "Moby's Deck".
We've been tooling around Eleuthra in the Bahamas, and if you've never been, it's a must see.
We started at Atlantis....
(where the black jack table was very friendly to me this time!!!! yeahhh and I even walked away with lots of moolah (well at least more than I came with!)'s some of the crew!
and Captain Pete
we worked our way down to Eleuthra with a guide. I can't remember his name so I'll call him Harry. (cause he was)
What a beautiful place to see. Pink sands and all! WOW.
This is the Coral Sands Hotel on Harbour Island, Eleuthra
There were enough pillows on that couch to make any man go nuts!
more of The Crew

notice the pink sand?
This is the beach in Harbour Town...Silky, smooth sand that felt like silk under your feet.

the magnificent Dr. Tim and Nurse Anita (he didn't even have to pull one tooth!)...even though I drank enough salt water snorkeling that I was sure I was going to get scurvy and start loosing teeth.
Deb and me!
and of course Mr. W
Todd and Deb (need I say more?) aka...Barbie and Ken (and I got to look at that body ALL week)

but....I liked looking at this more!

need I say more?????
we saw a beautiful sunrise
I'm really gonna hate leaving this!

Happy Father's Day to all you sweet daddy's! (including mine)
oh wait,,,,,I almost forgot...
Two great books to go with the vaca
"The Help"
"Redeeming Love"
both a MUST read!

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  1. oh so jealous! Looks like you guys had a great time!