Friday, June 11, 2010

A Trip to Scotts'

I went to Scotts' today.
oh be still my antique shoppin, food eatin, rug gettin heart!
I had to take my camera just so I could remember the great things I saw!
If you don't know, Scott Antiques is the 2nd weekend (Thursday - Sunday) of every month over in Atlanta.
Here's a peek.....
I almost fell for this guy....I named him "Earl"
and then there was this...
I loved these bread paddles
oh my, oh my! I started loving old luggage when I was a little girl so these were soooo dreamy! wait,,,I just realized that I HAD luggage like this when I was little! Help I'm an antique!
I brought this rug home....but it's too small :(

and I almost bought this for Cooper (our dog)
how cute would this be for a wedding?
there were cool baskets everywhere
and statues too!
for all you Chi O's out there a set of Owl Andirons
I got these little antique prints of a "Golliwog" for Little Baby Elkins room
(it's okay, I didn't know what one was either...had to google it)
Mr. W. said "when you said you were going to Scotts' I didn't know you were buying a car"
(meaning the rug)
I almost had to ride home in this :(
And to end? This lady goes.."it's dang near a hunered degrees out her"
and it was!

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  1. I wanna go.....I want that clock and the cooper sign...