Monday, February 13, 2017

Big Red Boat

Boats sell like crazy at Roundtop.
I have a theory.
First of all, if it's red, it will sell.
Because men are always drawn to red.
You know, red cars, red dress.
It's just sexy.

So, a red boat is no different.

Women are also drawn to red.
It's a passionate color.
You know, like the red in 
a dozen

Valentines Day Roses.....

so....I felt it only appropriate to paint a red boat.
A BIG red boat.

Here we go folks!!!

And it's yuge!
40 x 40 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas


please p.m. me with details!

Have a beautiful Monday y'all!!


  1. Kendall I transposed the numbers on your price to 73 x 73. sorry the price would actually be $81.00 and $60.00 respectively. Let me know and I will have it ready. Love your boat picture. Also since I suck at social media I thought you could rep me on your site and get a commission when they sell. I am averaging just under 3 pieces sold a month now and would love to increase my sales. Let me know if you are interested.