Thursday, February 2, 2017


When I first started my art career 10 years ago I started with a simple boat painting.
I sold that boat much to my dismay.
In retrospect I so wish I had kept it.

but I didn't, and this is the best picture I have of one of my first paintings.

You see, my style has completely changed which is normal for a new artist.
I've worked with new techniques, colors and mediums.
It is easy to get "drawn" in to a different "look" artistically speaking.
Particularly with what is popular and selling at the moment.
But, the key is to graduate yourself into a popular style without losing the integrity of your work.
It's hard to do.
One hand - you don't ever want your work to become stale
Other hand - you should never change simply because it is fashionable

I decided to work on pieces that were my staple back when I first started painting.
Particularly landscapes because I did so very many of them when I first started painting.
I wanted to go "back to my roots"

Here we go!
The Plains I
24 x 24 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

The Plains II
24 x 24 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Price upon request

Have a great day y'all!!!

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