Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Progression of an Abstract

I am relatively new to the world of abstracts.
That said, I really love painting them!
Most abstracts are thought provoking, story telling, and simply a vision of beauty for an intellectual mind.

And, like I've said before.  Boy are they challenging.
You have to paint and look....paint and look....and change.
Then you have to know when to stop.
Because, if you don't, you will ruin your masterpiece and you may not get it back.

So.....I worked on this painting all day yesterday.

I thought I was finished....
I even named it!
Smoke on the Water....

until I woke up this morning and looked at it.
So what are all those arm like things shooting out from nowhere?

I hastily thought I was finished.

So......I added and took away.
and got this:
Relooked at it....
Too top heavy with the [Melania] blue....
So....I added more grey....and white....and graphite
(do you see the cow face?)

I may or may not be finished with this.
I know it is not "Smoke on the Water" now....
I've renamed it "Rising Up"!
Go Falcons!!!!
30 x 40

Have a great day y'all!

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