Friday, June 28, 2019

"THE BEST" Pimiento Cheese Recipe EVER!

Kendall Boggs Pimento Pomonto Piminto Pimiento Cheese

First you need to learn to spell pimiento


But really y'all, this is the best.
ever. youngest's husband turns 35 tomorrow!

Along with a few other birthdays that they are celebrating, they are having a HUGE backyard hoe down with a bunch of fun adult events.
They rented this
That's him.
And that's a huge water slide.
How fun!!!
So..lets get to the best pimiento cheese EVER!

Start with these ingredients:
I have two versions of this recipe

Kendall Boggs' Garlicky Pimiento Cheese

2 bags of finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese
and one extra bag for (I'll show you in a sec)
1 large jar of chopped pimientos
fresh peeled garlic
Dukes mayonnaise (only Dukes)
nothing else (I promise) will make it taste this good
cayenne pepper

Pour two bags into a bowl that someone left at your house about 30 years ago.
Sorry, you're not getting it back!

Only finely shredded cheese works for this recipe!

dump in the drained pimientos

stir that all up
add about this much mayo

I added a little too much mayo so I added a little more cheese (hence the 3 pkg. of cheese)

Add two cloves of pressed garlic

Stir it up and add....
cayenne pepper!
to taste.

about this much
and you're done!

Now to my second recipe
Kendall Boggs' Spicy Bacon Pimiento Cheese

Do the same as above, except use a large jar of shredded pimientos
and chopped chili peppers
and this

(I should have used real bacon)

Mix it all up and....
Dump in two separate containers
I wish I had made more
Learn how to spell

and send it to a special guy for his birthday!

***I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how to ship something cold

First, go to Publix and get dry ice and a Styrofoam container
(the person behind the desk has to get this for you)

If you want it to stay cold, put the dry ice on the bottom of the food
If you want it to stay frozen, put the dry ice on the top of the food

But....before you go out of your house you must print off a Fed Ex Dry Ice sticker to put on the outside of your box.
With the amt. of dry ice. this time, you are getting a little irritated
Find out before you drive all over town WHICH Fed Ex will ship out dry ice
(only a few have the scanning device for this)

Put in a box and overnight the food with the dry ice sticker on the outside

Please note if you publish or are using this recipe professional or personally, I would love the credit! 
Have a terrific day y'all!
And Happy Birthday "Haha"! Just think you're halfway to 70!

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