Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'm a decorator. At least I think I am.....Actually I did interior design work for 15 years when I finally decided I had just gotten burned out and decided to start painting.  Someone had mentioned on my blog that they wanted to see the rest of my house, so here you have it!!!
It's going to be put to good use with 10 young adults comin in this weekend for the fourth!

First the sunrise off the back of the house
I love early mornings and coffee on the dock 
I decorate REALLY cheap.  I only spend money on things that I just lust over.  Most of the things in my home are seriously not worth anything!!!
This is the room that I have searched the world over for a rug.  I finally found it and it's on it's way!!!
  Most of my lighting came from antique stores and had them rewired.
This is the entrance into the house.  I love it because you see right through to the water.
I mirrored the kitchen nook after the great room fireplace.  We bought the Penley piece of Bobby Jones at an auction for a steal.  I love this painting from my favorite painter!!!
Another shot of the great room.  The Penley in the left corner is a "lust over" piece and the batik in the right corner is something Mr. W did when he was 10.  People actually think it's some kind of really expensive antique.  (it is!)
I love my horse and I love monkeys.
I chose simple colors in the master bedroom, caramel and ivory
(the patio furniture came from....non other than...World Market!)
we have lots of porches which I really love (I was watching Serena hit the ball with 2" fingernails.....just wondering how she does that.  I mean, she must have dents in her palms)
Cooper stands at the door and stalks lizards, they drive him CRAZY!!!
I paid 75.00 for the cocktail table.  Got it before they got popular!!!
I chose yellow, brown and white for the guest bedroom and slipcovered this headboard that my mover gave me! Someone had left it on his truck and he gave it to me!!! Above the bed hangs one of my paintings.  I rarely hang my paintings in my house cause I'd rather sell them :))))))
and gold, brown and green and (my fav orange) for another.
People usually don't like to stay in this room because the prints on the wall of the Russian kids scare them.
then I chose brown and blue for another and co-ordinated the hanging beds (which will be put to good use this weekend) this is my favorite room.
and finally part of the carriage house for ME and YOU!  We can cram 3 couples up here in this area (didn't get a good shot of the other bedroom.)
one thing I especially love is this light fixture.  Simple but adorable! It leads up to the carriage house.
but I really love the outdoors - especially when it rains!
and the lake
It's fun!!! Enjoy chickies
Have a great 4th of July!!! I know we will!


  1. Beautiful! Actually I think that house could be EMPTY and still be breathtaking with that view! Thanks for sharing! I especially LOVE those hanging beds - my children would LOVE that on our screened porch!!!

  2. i love this house! i also think its funny that no one wants to stay in the "russian" room...that is the only room i have ever stayed in! ha! gotta love the creep kids staring at you on the wall!

  3. BEAUTIFUL...Have a happy 4th..I know it will be FUN...